Soul Sounds : Soul Survival (1967)

February 16, 2017

Artist: Soul Sounds


Take Phil Upchurch Combo’s ‘You Can’t Sit Down’ and King Curtis’s ‘Jump Back’, add many of the biggest selling soul instrumentals and you not only have a great party album but also excitement! Starting with ‘Last Night’ right through to the last bar of ‘Night Train’ the Soul Sounds (led by the driving beat of drummer Carlo Little) never let the excitement drop. Dick Errington on tenor sax along with organist Nicky Hopkins can be heard playing solos on most of the tracks. Listen to Dick’s sympathetic solo on ‘When Something Is Wrong With My Baby’ and Nicky on the rousing ‘I Feel Good’. If soul music is your bag and dancing your relaxation this album will bring you hours of enjoyment. Liner Notes

Album: Soul Survival

Release date: 1967


01. Jump Back
02. See Saw
03. You Can’t Sit Down
04. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
05. Soul Soup
06. Sunshine Superman
07. Last Night
08. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
09. I Feel Good
10. Philly Dog
11. Soul Survival
12. Night Train

‘Soul Soup’ On YouTube

Vinyl Covers (Click On The Thumbnails)

Cover 1Cover 2


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